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Here it is…my DIY hair colour tutorial as promised!

Now this tutorial is missing a few steps for those of you who are colouring your hair for the first time, as it’s a colour refresh for me (and I’ve actually changed colours again since) but you can still follow these steps for applying your colour after bleaching ☺️


  • Your desired coloured dye (You don’t have to stick to one like me)
  • Some white conditioner
  • A mixing bowl
  • A tint brush
  • Gloves! (I didn’t have these and ended up with fingers to match my hair, not a great look)
  • An old t-shirt and towel

You can also use sectioning clips if you want to be neat, but I find that they’re unnecessary…or maybe I’m just lazy and messy.


Step One:

The first thing you’re going to want to do is mix your lightest colour.

I find that by starting with the lighter colour I get more control with my colour distribution. It’s far easier to add more colour to a lighter section of hair then it is to take it from dark to light.

Start off your colour mixing by pouring some conditioner into the mixing bowl, then add in your colour slowly until the mixture reaches your desired shade.

The colour in the bowl should be a similar shade to what you want your hair to look like.

Step Two:

Once your colour is mixed it’s time to start the application.

I personally like to start with my fringe area as it tends to fade quickly if it doesn’t have a longer development time than the rest of my hair. 

To get a more natural look (well as natural as pink/purple CAN look) apply the colour in streaks; similarly to how you would add highlights but far less precise.

Step Three:

When you’ve finished applying your first colour it’s time to mix your darker root shade.

To make this a little easier, I usually mix more than I need for the first colour. That way when I come back I can just add in more dye to the mix and its guaranteed to be darker!


Step Four:

After you’ve finished mixing your darker colour you’ll want to start applying it to your root area.

For this part it’s important that you don’t just paste the colour on in an equal line. To get the best effect blend the darker colour into the lighter colour and bring the darker colour down further into some sections of your hair.

Step Five:

Now that your colour has been applied you should check that your whole head of hair is evenly coated and fully saturated.

As part of this step I like to blend my colour by running my fingers through my hair from root to tip.

Then just wait 15-30 minutes for it to fully develop depending on your specific brand of colourant. Apparently to help the process along you can also cover your hair in clingfilm, a clear plastic bag or a shower cap; but I haven’t noticed much of a difference when doing this.


Step Six:

When your development time is up, all that’s left to do is rinse and style your hair!

Now go out and show off your new unicorn hair!
…or just take a selfie for social media, instant gratification and all that 😉


What do you think of the unicorn/mermaid hair trend? Have you taken the plunge? What colour combos are your favs? Let me know in the comments below!!

Rebecca xo


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