Feature Image Full Moon - Five Things Friday

As part of an effort to improve my mental health a few months back, I started writing down two positive things every day. I saw the idea in a bullet journal post (the whole bujo thing has gone way too far to be manageable btw) and decided to try it, because sometimes its just too […]

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Gryffindor Uniform & Time-Turner

As I was looking through my posts I realised that the first two entries on this site both contain Harry Potter references; now I’m not usually one for seeing signs but if that wasn’t my subconscious telling me I needed some HP in my life then I’ll eat my metaphorical hat. It’s for that very […]

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First Post Feature Image

This is it. D-day. The official birth of my blog–my brainchild and my obsession for the past few weeks. Happy Birthday!! Seriously though, I’ve been losing huge chunks of time obsessing over every tiny detail like I’m some Bridezilla trying–and failing­–to match up napkin samples, it’s been crazy. But now it’s time to suck it […]

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