So you want to cut in a full fringe huh?

Luckily for you I happen to have a serious aversion to hairdressers and spending money on things that I can do for free. That’s why I use this foolproof (almost) step-by-step method for cutting your own full fringe/bangs at home!


Now as you can see from the above photos of my lovely overgrown fringe I’m going to be using this technique to cut my full fringe back in, but this method will work just as well for first time cuts so let’s get started…


  • A good pair of scissors. Preferably you’ll use an actual pair of hairdressing scissors, but mine have run away so I just used a pair of basic scissors that I sharpened using aluminium foil.
  • A fine-toothed tail comb (say that five times fast!)
  • A regular hairbrush. I like to use a round barrel hairbrush or a tangle teaser.
  • Some hair clips or a hair tie.


Step One:

To start you’re going to want to brush out your hair and section off the area you’re going to be cutting.

Depending on how full you want your fringe this step will be slightly different for everyone; personally I like to start sectioning by using the arches of my eyebrows as guides, but you can go as far as the outer tip.

From there use the tail of your comb to create a gently curved triangle section that reaches from your hairline to the back of your head. The point of this section should end on, or near to your part.

Then secure the rest of your hair in a ponytail to avoid any missing chunks.


Step Two:

Next, comb out the section of hair evenly towards the front of your face holding your comb in your non-dominant hand, and carefully slot the fingers of your dominant hand on top of the comb. Slide your fingers down your hair until they reach the desired length for cutting.

Remember to keep your comb and fingers as straight as possible to avoid uneven lines!

Step Three:

For this step you’re going to be beginning the twist manoeuvre that will ensure you get a curved fringe that will perfectly frame your face.

To start turn your hand so that your fingers are at a 90° angle to your face, keeping the section of hair securely at the same level. Then replace your hold using the fingers of the opposite (non-dominant) hand.

Step Four:

Next up; completing the twist. To do this, you’ll have to–you guessed it– twist your hand so that your fingers are laying flat against your nose in the opposite direction to which they started.

Despite sounding super easy, completing the twist is probably the most difficult step in the whole process and can be a bit tricky to get right at first.

Steps 2-4 HTCAFFAH

Step Five:

Now that you have your twist, it’s time to cut!

As before make sure your fingers are straight and laying flat against your face. Don’t elevate them or you’ll run the risk of ending up with a fringe like the girls in those Facebook fail videos–not a great look!

Make sure to cut below your fingers in a straight line and then let go.

Step Six:

Almost there!!!

For the final step you’re going to want to get rid of any blunt edges by carefully trimming the ends in an upward motion. For extra security you can use your comb to hold the hair you’ll be cutting steady.

And that’s it! Brush through and style your hair and you’re ready to go!!

Steps 5&6


  • GO SLOW! You don’t want to rush this and end up with a jagged mess…trust me I’ve been there!
  • It’s better to cut too little than too much, so err on the side of caution when measuring out the section you’re going to cut.
  • Blunt scissors are bad news so make sure you sharpen them! Cutting through some repeatedly folded aluminium foil is an easy way to do this.
  • Remember to keep your comb and fingers level at all times to get the best cut.

If you try this DIY cut let me know in the comments below! Also for anyone who wants to know how I get my colourful hair I have a little at home hair colour tutorial coming soon so stay tuned…😉

Rebecca xo

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